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paperback book

  • Are you sick of the challenges that come with trying to grow your hair long?

  • Tired of the learning curve that comes with the natural hair journey?

  • Are you ready to get gorgeous and easy to manage hair naturally?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, then this book is for You. 

Naturally Going Natural is all about a cleaner way to return our hair to its original state. This how-to guide will assist you in the journey by simplifying your hair care routine. 

This book is for those already natural, transitioning to natural, or considering going natural. Our goal is to support you in making the transition while achieving healthier, thriving, vibrant, luscious, and glowing hair. 

Naturally Going Natural, Secrets Revealed: The Curly Girl Guide to Growing Long Healthy Beautiful Black Hair is the ultimate curly textbook on black hair care. 

Discover practical hair management pointers targeted for your specific hair type. Find tips that will enhance your hair's natural curls and beauty. Learn practical advice on how to resolve some common hair care challenges. Become your own #hairgoals


  • Natural Hair 101

Naturally Going Natural will cover the basics. You will get proven, guided, how-to advice for your natural hair journey. There is no ONE way to go natural. Your individual path is going to be different from someone else's, and that is the beauty!! You'll learn the science of black hair. This is a must-read for your book collection.


  • Curly Girl Guide

An easy to understand guide for curly, kinky, and coily girls to learn how to care for their hair. I will share my secrets on how to develop a clean, green, and chemical-free routine. Learn about ways to stimulate hair growth in a healthy way, strengthen and nourish your hair, and enhance the hair's condition with natural options. Your hair will look incredible at a fraction of the cost. You will learn how to choose ingredients and stop wasting your money on products that don't work for your hair. This will be your go-to reference book for improving your hair's health TODAY

Naturally Going Natural: Secrets Revealed. The Curly Girl Guide to Growing Long Healthy Beautiful Black Hair is a must-read for a comprehensive healthy hair care strategy to achieve beautifully radiant healthy hair regardless of your hair or curl type. 


Get the answers to the top 10 black hair care questions asked by curly girls everywhere.

Chapter 1: What is my hair type?

Chapter 2: What should I look for in a shampoo?

Chapter 3: How do I get my hair to grow?

Chapter 4: How can I reduce hair loss and breakage?

Chapter 5: What hairstyles can I wear?

Chapter 6: How do I keep my hair moisturized?

Chapter 7: Do I have to do the "Big Chop"?

Chapter 8: How can I keep my hair healthy?

Chapter 9: What products and tools do I need?

Chapter 10: How do I get defined curls?

Bonus Chapter: How can us men take care of our hair?

Are you ready to WIN the battle for beautiful, long, healthy curly hair?

Get Naturally Going Natural: Secrets Revealed. The Curly Girl Guide to Growing Long Healthy Beautiful Black Hair.  


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