Rice Water

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Rice water has so many benefits. Our powdered rice is the most convenient way to make your own rice water at home. There is no mess to be made, it is the cleanest and best smelling way to prepare rice water. 

Our rice powder is composed of 100% organic rice powder and enriched with Vitamin A, B and E, minerals, proteins. It also contains amino acids that strengthen the hair roots, adding volume to your hair.

Practical in single use tea bags: The cleanest way to prepare rice water. Non-woven tea bags are clean and safe, and help to make the rice water well.

Can be use as regular rice water, or let it set for 12-24 hrs to ferment

Low Porosity: only use at the most once a month

High Porosity: can be used as often as once a week.

*always rinse our completely and follow up with Rinse & GrOw


Included: 2 single use powdered 🍚