More about 4Africa

Africa is where all life begins. More specifically, East Africa has many unique secrets. The first humanoid woman, the home of the fabled Arc of the Covenant, and origin of coffee all lay claim to East Africa. Tanzania is home to the mighty Mt Kilimanjaro, the world’s tallest free-standing mountain. Tanzania’s Serengeti Plains hosts the spectacular annual Great Migration brought to life in the beloved Disney story, The Lion King.

Internationally, The Change We Seek foundation supports artisans of Morogoro, Tanzania. This Swahili speaking country is home the great Serengeti Plains and the world-famous Mt Kilimanjaro.  All fabrics for apparel and accessories are sourced from Tanzania or other East African countries. Domestically, The Change We Seek Advised fund offers grants to support economic empowerment of African Latino families with children that live in urban communities. 

Our mission is to fund programs that give these families the means to be in control of their own economic destiny.

Programs will consist of helping families gain more control over their economic status while simultaneously, enabling them to represent their interests in a responsible, self-directed and sustainable way.  (Building a sustainable future, bridge to a better tomorrow,)