The Secret to Detangling Curly Hair

We are going BANANAS, and it's So Sweet. 



We love bananas for hair masks because they are perfect for moisturizing hair. Bananas are full of vitamins and minerals to soften and increase elasticity. This tropical fruit is excellent for strengthening, hydrating and nourishing hair. Our hair masks feature bananas infused with essential oils based on hair porosity. 



 As a bonus for low porosity hair, we use honey to sweeten the deal. Honey has been used for centuries because of its humectant properties to draw moisture into the hair. 



Guess what? Bananas contain potassium, which can stop hair loss. They also have natural oils to soften and moisturize, making them easier to detangle. Plus, a pre-poo mask recipe can help prevent frizz and repair split ends and other hair damage.



Try adding bananas and honey to your hair mask to level up your haircare routine.



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