Sunscreen for Black Women Hair and Scalp

Summer fun is underway. Back in the day, our days were full of BBQs and summer festivals in the park. Then, sun-loving activities at block parties until over in the morning or hanging out at the beach until sunset. We thought that the melanin in our skin, best black girl sunscreen,  provided us with an extra layer of sun protection; however, we know now that sunscreen is needed to keep our skin maintain a "summer glow" and reduce the risk for skin cancer.

What about your scalp and hair? 

Yes, if you will be outside for extended periods of time. Your exposed scalp skin (like wearing braids, locs, or cornrows) can make you more likely for UV damage. This extra sun exposure can dehydrate your hair and cause breakage. If you are older and your hair is thinning, you are even more likely to get sun damage because your hair doesn't get much natural scalp protection. 

The best sunscreen will fully protect your crown, consider wearing a tightly woven hat, scarf, or headwrap that covers your scalp and hairline and protect those ends by tucking them underneath.

Want to feel the breeze through your hair? Then apply light water-resistant products that have a broad-spectrum sunscreen of at least SPF 30 to your scalp. Look for products that have ingredients like peppermint oil ( SPF 6.7), Olive oil ( SPF7.5), or orange oil ( SPF 4.0). These oils are lighter and will allow your scalp and skin to breathe while providing protection.

Our curl butter blends these oils with mango butter. Mango butter has natural UV protection.4Curls butters protect your hair from sun damage while keeping the scalp and hair moisturized for a long time. This means you can have more hot, fun in the summertime.

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