Happy Birthday, Libras and Virgos

Those born in September are known for being helpful, dedicated, and hardworking. Many have a natural inclination to be charming, lovable, fair, and sincere. That may explain why Idris Elba, Zendaya, Misti Copeland, Taraji P Henson, Jada Pinkett Smith, Sanaa Lathan, and Venus Williams all share September birthdays



They are incredibly social and radiate confidence, and many September babies have a knack for the arts. They are known for their excellent taste in music, artwork and have creative minds. It is clear from the playlist below, that they can create successful careers using  their natural talent.



September 2nd

Syleena Johnson- Guess What 

September 4th 

Beyonce - Halo

September 6th 

Macy Gray - I Try 

CeCe Peniston - Finally 

Foxy Brown-  I'll Be

September 12th

Jennifer Hudson- If This Isn't Love

September 26th 

Christina Milian- Dip it Low

Cindy Herron (EnVogue) Hold On 

September 30th 

Miki Howard - Come Share My Love 


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