One Ingredient You Should Use for Smoother, Softer Hair

Mango Butter 

Mango butter is rich in nutrients that replenish hair making it soft and smooth.

Loaded with  

  • Vitamin A- increases natural hair sebum moisturizing the scalp and helping keep hair healthy 
  • Lots of vitamin C- promotes hair health by producing collagen, reducing hair loss, and improving hair growth
  • Vitamin E -is essential for healthy skin and scalp. Supporting the scalp to give your hair a strong base to grow.

Mango butter also contains other antioxidants and essential fatty acids. All of these nutrients make mango butter a great moisturizer for hair and skin. Nutrients like the ones present in mango butter help boost hair and skin health when applied to the scalp and hair.

Why Use Mango Butter?

  • Use mango butter to smooth frizzy hair. 
  • Mango butter also doesn’t clog pores, making it a great butter for all curl patterns and textures. 
  • Mango butter has antimicrobial properties and can stop the reproduction of bacteria. This means mango butter has the ability to soothe and repair damaged skin and hair. It may also help with skin and scalp issues such as dandruff because of these properties.

If you have dreamed of longer, smoother hair. Mango butter in one ingredient that will start on the path to healthier and longer hair. 

Simple Care. Simple Hair. 

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