Infertility and Your Hair

Medical experts say no evidence exists that supports the claim that COVID-19 vaccines harm fertility or pregnancy. So while it is unlikely COVID will keep you from growing a family however, your hair care product choices may be destroying your chance to conceive. 

To date, no data proves COVID-19 vaccines or COVID may cause infertility or female infertility. However, there is plenty of data the shows how black hair care products increase risks of infertility, cancer, and obesity. 

One study showed that Black women had a two-fold increased odds of infertility as compared with white women. Common risk factors do not explain this disparity for infertility, such as smoking and obesity, or gynecologic risk factors such as fibroids and ovarian volume.

So what could be causing this alarming increase in infertility among black women? Well, 

Nearly 80% of hair products aimed at black women contain chemicals linked to cancer, infertility, and obesity, study finds

It is important to understand that your skin is the largest organ on the body, it absorbs the products you put on it, especially from your scalp. In addition, because your scalp is porous, products have easier access to enter your body and into your bloodstream. 

Fact is, black women purchase over 3x as many hair care products as any other demographic, while at the same time being three times more likely than white women to develop fibroids or other gynecological issues.

While many are questioning the risks of how COVID and the COVID vaccines will affect their long-term health and well-being, consider choosing hair products that have your overall health in mind. 

Choose products that are: 


Toxin Free



Mineral Oil-Free

Petroleum Free


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