How to Slow Hair Loss- Advice from a Black Female Dermatologist

However, many doctors are not familiar with black hair styling practices, which leaves a lot of black women to navigate through unhelpful or even harmful advice on their own.

Dr. Crystal Aguh, a hair loss specialist, shares tips for women to protect their hair and identify warning signs.

What steps can I take to prevent or slow hair loss?

Certain types of hair loss are genetic and cannot be prevented, including alopecia areata and female pattern hair loss. Other types, such as generalized hair shedding, can be caused by stress and poor diet. To minimize this type of hair loss, take care of your mental health and maintain a balanced diet.

Routine checkups can benefit your hair health. Anemia, low vitamin D, and abnormal thyroid hormones can cause hair loss.

 What are the warning signs of hair loss?

Hair loss can be hard to notice if it happens gradually. Your ponytails may feel thinner or your scalp may be more visible. Ask your stylist if they have noticed any changes. If you or your stylist suspect hair loss, see a dermatologist as soon as possible. Early action can save more hair.

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