Hair Elasticity

Hair elasticity is your hair's ability to bounce back or revert back to its original curl pattern. How elastic your hair is. Most naturals know elasticity or aka shrinkage. Hair elasticity is tested in a wet state
This is on a scale from low to high. Low elasticity meaning your hair has a hard time bouncing back or stay stretched and possibly even breaking. High elasticity is when your hair bounces and shrinks quickly when stretched in a dry state. Medium would be in between where the curls slowly shrink back up.
If you are unsure you can grab a portion of your hair when wet and lightly stretched hair out and see how it reverts.
If you want to increase your hair elasticity you can use protein to help strengthen the hair so that it can bounce back.
Heat damage is one sign of damaged low elasticity because it does not curl up.
If your hair stretches more than 50% of its original length then you have high elasticity
In this challenge, we will talk about how you can stretch your hair for styles with causing damage.
What is your hair elasticity?

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