5 Oils for Hair Growth

These five oils are packed with benefits and promote healthy hair growth. Each oil has unique benefits, so resist the urge to reach for whatever oil is trending. It is essential to consider the unique nutrients your hair needs and what exactly you're trying to achieve.


Olive oil. 

If you're dreaming of thicker, shinier hair, olive oil could be one of your best options due to its rich, protective nature. Olive oil is the best combination for hair growth and thickness. This antioxidant-rich multitasker is popular for LCO ( leave-in, cream, oil) or LOC (Leave-in, oil, and cream )curly haircare routines. In addition, this heavy oil penetrates to help fight dry, itchy scalp. 

Avocado Oil. 

This deep penetrating oil is rich in:

  • antioxidants
  • minerals
  • essential fatty acids
  • biotin
  • vitamins A, B-5, and E

Treating your hair with avocado oil can moisturize, repair, and strengthen your hair. International Journal of Trichology study found that minerals like those in avocado oil can help seal cuticle cells, preventing hair from breaking. Additionally, massaging avocado oil in the scalp helps unclogged follicles which helps reduce hair loss. 

Argan Oil.

Moroccan argan oil has become a trendy hair main cosmetic ingredient. This light oil can keep the hair moisturized and doesn't easily dissolve in water. In addition, studies have shown that this light-absorbing oil reduces sun damage to the skin and hair. 

Jojoba Oil. 

This oil is actually a wax ester and is similar in structure and function to natural hair sebum. Its properties as a liquid wax allow the dissolution of sebum deposits within hair follicles. As it penetrates it clears clogged hair follicles of oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria. Additionally, jojoba oil improves elasticity, similar to the effect of lanolin. Jojoba oil also restores thick keratin layers to restore the skin's natural shine.

Peppermint Essential oil.

If scalp health and growth are your main concerns, peppermint essential oil has been proven to promote a healthy scalp and is a primer for rapid hair growth. Based on a study, peppermint essential oil may be the best hair growth oil for natural hair. In just four weeks, it showed the most prominent hair growth effects; a significant increase in dermal thickness and follicle number. Note, it is recommended that peppermint essential oil is paired with a carrier oil for application. Avocado oil and olive oil are excellent carrier oil options.


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