3 How-To Moisturize Natural Hair Tips

Keeping our hair moisturized is a top priority. Whether we are wearing braids, locs, relaxers, or wigs, we must care for our natural hair. While there are many products to choose from these days, and most may be doing more harm than good. So how do you keep it simple? 


Here are three tips for maintaining soft, tangle-free, and moisturized curls. 


1. Deep Condition 2x / month


Every black hair care blog shares this sentiment. Our hair craves moisture! Due to our curl pattern, natural hair sebum has to travel a winding road to reach our ends. Deep conditioners help coat the entire shaft making it soft and moisturized.  Consider bathing your strands in nutrient-rich bananas, honey, olive oil, and or avocado oil. All these ingredients give your hair organic nutrients that will help your hair grow. 4Curls Curly mask combines these ingredients in easy-to-use single-use pouches to save you time. Just choose the best one for your hair porosity and get amazing hair.


2. Use a Sulfate-free shampoo 2x/ Month


Sulfate shampoos do a great job stripping products from your hair. So if your lots of gels, lotions, and stylers, they are a go-to to get your hair clean. However, the trade-off is that they also strip your hair of moisture. Consider using castile soap.  Castile soap is strong enough to cleanse the hair and scalp of excess sebum and product build-up but gentle enough not to leave our hair stripped and dry. 4Curls Growth shampoo uses castile soap, caffeine extracts, and peppermint oil to cleanse and stimulate the scalp while promoting growth. 


3. Mango for Moisturizing Daily


Mango butter originates from India and Brazil and is considered to be a powerful natural conditioner. Additionally, the butter melts instantly into your hair to provide great hydrating benefits. Its high-fat content helps hair retain moisture and increases cell regeneration, allowing the hair to grow strong and healthy. As a bonus, it prevents hair dryness and does not make the hair frizzy. 4Curls Curl butter adds mango butter to a customized blend of essential oils to meet your needs. 


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